ITT Rasek offends pugs just by showing up.

Druid in our group: *has a lance equipped*
Me: Hey dude, you have a lance equipped.
Tank: ?
Me: Instead of a weapon.
Tank: Chill out, you’re not exactly an all star yourself.
Me: Uh. Chill out chief, just letting the guy know.
Tank: Change your tone when you’re coming off as a dick.
Me: It’s text man
Tank: Which has CONtext.
Me: ok lol
Tank: A nice way of saying it would be “hey buddy you might wanna change your lance”, not “Dude, you’re wearing a lance instead of a weapon”
Me: “You’re wearing a lance” is only offensive if you’re idk like 5. I wasn’t even talking to you. idk why you’d be offended.
Tank: I just hate self-entitled dickweeds like yourself.
Me: Jesus. I’d rather quest than deal with this.
Ren has left the instance group.

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