i remember someone tweeted kosak about sabellian being forgotten in outland and he responded like “oh well we have thousands of characters we cant possibly keep all of them up”

which i totally understand because yeah WoW is a huge place, but at the same time blizzard has abandoned so many formerly important character and plotlines that exact same excuse could be used to conveniently justify literally dozens of forgotten characters and storylines

blizzard verbatim admitted they don’t give a fuck about lore now and only want to focus on gameplay, ignoring the fact that the lore established from the first three games is basically what got them off the ground as the only true successful pay to play MMO

i was considering resubbing today but honestly, this seals away the chance of me ever thinking that again

bye blizz


Actually, Blizzard said that they work lore in when they can, but when push comes to shove gameplay will come first.  That’s not ‘don’t give a fuck’ by a long shot.  If they didn’t give a fuck, we wouldn’t have gotten things like the recent short stories or the ‘Burdens of Shaohao’ series.

I’m sure that gameplay trumps everything, as it should, since thats what actually pays the bills.