People who want Lorthemar to be the leader need to remember he’s not even the true leader of his people.

he wont be in charge of something if he’s never been in a 100% real rank of power.

Well, the bloof leader sure as shit isn’t that guy who got himself all fucked up in Outland. Pretty sure Lorthe’mar is a leader in the same way Vol’jin is: protecting his people and all the other contenders are dead as dirt.

It’s more he’s not….truly been in the same position to be in the “raffle” for the position of warchief. Taking into account he never really wanted to BE even the regent lord of the Blood Elves, that wouldn’t particularly go over well when it comes to handing over the highest rank of power to someone.

And I mean “leader” meaning a total, secure, no hidden clause of power. Like Vol’jin is to his, Baine is to the Tauren, and so on and so forth. It’s more a surrogate leadership; still having the say and rights as such, but coming down to it it’s nothing more than a fill in.  

Eh, not really.  His council wanted him to take the crown and become king, and he just refused and the opted not to ask anyone else.  He doesn’t call himself king, nor does anyone else, but he’s definitely their leader unless he decides to step aside himself (or dies).

Kind of. In the Shadow of the Sun mentions that the crown is unclaimed, Kael’thas stated that “Anasterian will always be the last king of Quel’Thalas” and there are none left to claim the crown.