When I consider World of Warcraft lore, I tend to find myself at odds. Every story, every actions has it’s own conflicts within it. For many, this is a source of frustration and I’ll admit there are moments when actions just don’t make sense. Which pisses off so many people. Most want a linear, straightforward story with some gray areas and a simple villain/bad guy to take down. Yet within the Warcraft storyline, there are so many mistakes, backtracks, time jumps loopy-derpy moments and face palm worthy events that it seems hopelessly convoluted and stupid. Say hello to typical history, in my opinion. We are constantly looking back at the past wondering why someone was selected to be leader or was given power, why no one stood up or how certain miracles happened. We are awed, inspired, saddened, and angered, yet very few have solid answers to the questions. Those that do, write long winded history books that only a few read and fewer fully grasp. 

That is what I love about Warcraft and WoW lore. Yes it is a mess most of the time. Not only is there rarely a good or solid answer to why something happened, but there are so many perspectives and motivations that could have caused it. You could read every book and short story, ask as many questions as you like, discuss it till you’re blue in the face. Yet there will never be a clear simple answer. Not truly. If you get one than it only serves to raise more questions in it’s place. The reason is partly you, partly others. Every story has a bias, every character has their perspective, even the game itself has a bend. One person will hear Illidan’s tale and call him a whiny jerk, while others will cry over the lose of such a good character. There is rarely a good answer to the situations plaguing the world of Azeroth. Whether it be the Alliance’s handling of the Orcs after the Second War or how the Draenei didn’t do much since the events of the Sunwell (some would say they didn’t do much during their own expansion). 

At it’s core, Warcraft lore, not matter who writes, reads, or summarizes it, is convoluted, messy and at times makes no sense. A large unruly puzzle with no laws and rules to govern it beyond pure imagination. It is the crafted by few, learned by some, and mastered by no one…even those that created it.

I have a strange love for impossible puzzle.