All right, my lovely people – it’s time for some art by yours truly!

I have opened the trapdoors on commission slots; examples of what you can get and what it’ll cost you are pictured above.

Interested? Well, send an email to 
and these treasures might soon be made to your specifications!
Now, what else do you need to be aware of?

1. I’ll open 5 slots at a time. Once those are filled and the images done, they will be reopened for the next commissions.

2. If it’s a character I am unfamiliar with or there are certain modifications that I should be aware of -scars, tattoos and the like-, I will ask you to provide references (screenshots, artwork, writing, etc.).

3. You will receive an email from me when I am finished with the image. This email will contain at least 3 different sizes, as well as a copy of the SAI file if you so wish.

4. You may use the image as an avatar, background, etc. on your blog or other sites AS LONG AS I am credited as the one who made it.
You may NOT sell or present the image as one of your own effort.

5. The image will also be posted on my blog with my url as watermark. Should you wish to stay anonymous, I will not disclose your (user)name underneath.

6. Payment will be handled over PayPal via the mentioned email address BEFORE I begin the commission piece.

And that should wrap this up! Hope you all have a very nice week! :-*

Yooo, my health insurance is slowly but surely eating up the rest of my savings. So help me out and buy my art, thus ensuring I have a stash of funds esp. for upcoming trips to job interviews or aptitude tests (I have 3 of those next month… so yeah, gas is pricey here in good old Germany).

Thanks a ton, love you all.