we all need more belves to write baout

revving intensifies


I’m writing about belves I cannot even roll.  Belf druid.  Botanist.  Really shitty resto druid.

…debating rolling him as a monk.  In druid lookalike sets.  I can generally pull this shit off non-offensively, I mean I’ve played a dragon reasonably enough no one’s complained.

I just wanna be able to play my terrible weenie nature-loving belf druid adkjdkjkjskda fuck.

and my two belf priests

and my paladins

and my mages

and warlocks

so many men in dresses

Don’t stop until we’re drowning in pointy ears and ridiculous eyebrows! *Bathes in the glory*

Oh man blood elf druids look pretty great. I loved popping Orb of the Sind’dorei on Bark when he was in T13 gear: