i hate jaina proudmoore with a burning passion

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#nobody gets it. ugh. #jaina. #cough slut cough. 

really??  really.

Where’s that freaking post about the pasta convention. It’s pretty relevant right now. :T


yeah but “slut” to describe jaina lmfao ok dude put the fedora down

being in a relationship with two men in your entire life = dirty rotten whore, apparently. ok. alright. thanks. thanks. thank you for that. thanks. 

Could it be that “nobody gets it” because she really hasn’t done anything, and you’re just a misogynistic piece of trash?

who knows. 

I will concede that Jaina was (and at times still is) a poorly-written character that comes off as weak overall (weak in the “this gumbo needs more hotsauce” way, not the “can’t take care of themselves” way), but this is an issue of how much screen time she gets and when tthe writers choose to focus on her, not her motivations or story. She’s probably one of the most believable characters in the game, if you follow her choices closer than what you see in new scenario cutscenes and vanilla quests. She has some immensely stressful responsibilities that often go against her own moral code and now has to even more carefully balance those feelings with her rage and trauma from her city being nuked, she’s basically the only main character with an active love life, she’s often a voice of reason in the middle of all the shrieking and chest-thumping, and overall she is very well-rounded and I wish we’d get more of her in-game.

Also being attracted to Arthas, Kael’thas, and Kalecgos is not in any way a terrible thing because wow who isn’t