ooh wow I hate tanking.

Except, hey, I’m a good tank, and I really enjoy Monk tanking. And Im prolly gonna continue it on Alanthe once I’m 90

So hey WOW psa if youre ever gonna do dungeons with me as tanking

  • Don’t pull for me
  • Don’t pull for me
  • wOW DON’T pull for me pls

Chances are, whatever I’m pulling is what I’m comfortable with, and confident that I can tank it and take it. If it’s goin’ well, I’ll slowly pull more if I feel I can handle it.

So HEY how about you /not/ make that decision for me, let me pull what I think I can handle, not what you think I can handle.

Because if you do you’re just a pissface so there

Let’s not forget “Hey I’m probably not pulling yet because I’m waiting for something to come off cooldown, and I’ve been chain pulling this entire dungeon so just wait”