Any soldier with a dog probably looks forward to his or her own reunion. Sadly, Brandon Harker came home from Afghanistan only to find that his dog, Oakley, who had been entrusted in the care of Harkers friend, had been given away while Harker was deployed.

 Harker says when he returned earlier this month, his “friend" told him he’d gotten rid of Oakley, and doesn’t know who has the dog now. Oakley was either sold or given away in Lakewood, Wash, apparently during May, but it could have happened anytime from February till June, and
numerous people have contacted Harker saying they saw Oakley for sale on craiglist back in Feburary.

​Oakley is a 2-year-old yellow Lab, with a distinct coat that features unusual spots. He is described as good with kids and other dogs. He has a unique coat, on his face he has spots of a darker yellow (champagne) he also has spots of the same color going down his sides and legs. He is micro-chipped and registered to Harker.

If anyone has any information on Oakley, contact Harker via his craigstlist ad, or reblog this post to help signal boost.

Wow what a horrible person.