anyone wanna give a gal tips and advice on playing a Blood Death Knight?

i’ve never played a tank before, and my other DKs have always been Frost. i’m usually DPS, not tank, and i’m nervous and scared and i wanna run dungeons on my DK, but…. i wanna be a good Blood DK.

if you got tips, advice, or just wanna help somehow, shoot me an ask, or fanmail.

if you wanna help in-game, i’m on Wyrmrest Accord, battle tag thing is Aura#1474

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Stack mastery, keep diseases up on your target(s) at all times, rune strike to dump RP/generate threat.  

Death Strike is your new best friend. You can either use it to build up a large blood shield, which absorbs incoming damage, or to heal yourself after you receive a large amount of damage (blood shield is a function of incoming healing and mastery which is why we have ridiculous amounts of it.)