Hello again! It’s that special time of the week which means we run ICC and BOT! WOO!


So, here are a few rules to help everyone get along in these raids:

1. Loot is not on reserve. However, we will reserve pieces if people are looking for them for mogs. (Your class MUST be able to transmog them. We aren’t reserving dresses for warriors. Sorry guys.) The only thing that IS on reserve until further notice are Shadowfrost shards. We have someone going for them. Otherwise, everyone else has free game to primordials if you need them.

2. We can do achievements, however, the LK achievements WON’T be this week as we’ll switch them off from week to week. This week we’re doing heroic LK. Others should be open for request so just let me know. BOT achievements as well, most will be achieved simply by killing the bosses fast enough.

3. Skype WILL be mandatory for BOT since there are mechanics that can kill you. 

SO. With that being said…

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Bastion of Twilight:

1. Barkentin

2. Varaelian

3. Max

4. Tali

5. Kim

6. Nova

7. S-Intent

8. Lance



1. barkentin

2. Varaelian

3. Lance

4. Nova

5. Kim

6. Rabid 

7. Aviata

This is in like 40 minutes and we STILL have plenty of room in ICC and 2 spots for BOT