i found this in my old sketch folders… its from 2009 aaahhh

we had this one feral in the guild who was obsessed with being 100% ready. he was about our top dps and a damn good player, too, especially considering ferals were by far among the hardest classes to play around the tbc/wotlk era. he always wanted his kings.

problem was back then, because he was the one feral among a bunch of restos, his blessings would always get rewritten, and most of the time because we—the paladins—didn’t bother to communicate with each other we had no idea who was giving what. and you couldn’t say to this guy, YOU GOT MIGHT ROLL WITH IT, no, fucker wanted his kings.

me (prot ot) and the ret had to do like a five-move blessing swapping dance to give him kings. every time.

it was so fucking frustrating hahaha