Hello Hello !

Lately I’ve been having a bit of trouble pricing and dealing with sketch orders, especially since a lot of you ask about them when you cannot afford formal lines.

The solution?

Inspired by a couple other artist’s, I will now be offering ‘grab bag’ orders. These are purely sketch based.

How it works is, you give me your character you want drawn, or the basic concept of what you want (otp art, etc… concept-wise. Nothing specific about how it’s drawn.), and I put an hour on the clock dedicated purely to sketching out and doodling all I can for that in that time frame.

I of course will not start the clock til basic gestures are completed. Full color is not garunteed, but as you can see from above, most of my sketches are pretty colorful as is, and a lot can be done sketch-wise within an hour. 🙂

Contact me at raptorincognito@aol.com if you are interested in grabbing a slot !

Due to the drastic difference in production time with these, and actual formal lined art, Grab Bag orders will have their own queu list apart from my other commissions. 🙂

Thank you ~

We’re quickly approaching the end of the month faster than I’d like to happen, and a bigger client of mine irl has lost me hundreds of dollars

If you could spread the word about this, I would very much appreciate it.

I dont want my first month in my new apt to be one of my last just because i made a poor business decision….