I have nothing but love and respect for the people who reblog these things, because I know their hearts are in the right place (and I’m NOT criticizing those people with this post, so please don’t take it as such), but these posts I see going around of, “Mom will acknowledge me as XX gender if I get 500,000 notes" or “Dad won’t make me give up my beloved pet that keeps me from being depressed if I can get 200,000 notes" and such just makes me cringe.

If you base your parenting methods on the amount of ‘likes’ something gets, YOU ARE A SHITTY PARENT.   Nope, sorry.  You just ARE.

You should be willing to acknowledge your child’s gender identity BECAUSE YOU LOVE THEM.

You should be willing to try and keep something that is supporting your child emotionally BECAUSE YOU LOVE THEM.

NOT using it as an excuse for a popularity contest.

I’m always skeptical if those posts are true or if they’re just a sad attempt to make someone ‘tumblrfamous’, but if they are true?   Their parents are shitty, plain and simple.

No amount of tumblr notes is going to erase a mother’s transphobia.  No amount of tumblr notes is going to magically make a father like his daughter’s pet.