thinkin bout life

The snow soaked his fur and made the old Pikachu cold straight to his bones, but he didn’t move from his spot, perched on the old, rotting post that had once been a sign.

He had been there for a long time, just…waiting. People would pass by him, but none tried to capture what would have been such an easy addition to their Pokemon team. Because they all knew which Pikachu this as, and why he was sitting, nearly motionless, on such an old post. Nobody had the heart to move him.

Pikachu shuddered and sneezed. The area was different, very different. The trees of Viridian Forest had been cut down long ago, but Pikachu knew the place for what it was. It was the place where he’d first decided he’d cared about his partner.

He could still remember the ten year old boy clutching him, injured, to his chest, his heart nearly beating out of his ribcage in fear and exertion as he ran and rode from the Spearow flock trying to take them both down. He’d been nothing but cruel to the boy, but despite all that, he was giving his all to protect him.

When he’d fallen, he’d shielded Pikachu with his body, knowing that he’d be hurt, perhaps even killed, by the onslaught. Pikachu had decided, then, that this boy was worth defending, and he’d never regretted his decision to protect the boy, his trainer, his best friend…

They had had many great adventures together. Some battles had ended in losses, many in great victories…they’d made many friends along the way.

But all good things ended. Pikachu lived long lives, longer still if they evolved into Raichu, and because of this, Pikachu was glad he’d never evolved. It was hard enough, really. It was as if, one day, his buddy as just…gone.

So, Pikachu had waited, in that field that no longer bared the scars of a great thunder strike. Through spring, summer, fall, and now winter, he’d waited.

His vision blurred and he shifted, laying on the top of the post instead of sitting. It wouldn’t be too long, now. Not too long at all…


“Hey, Pikachu!”


“I missed you too, buddy. C’mon, let’s go. We’ve got a whole new adventure waiting, and I just couldn’t start it without my best friend…”

Holy shit why would you write that

I could almost strangle him for making my feels this hurt.

you didnt-

you didnt just-