It’s that time again! 😀

It’s time for our weekly DS run! Last week we had a really good time and everyone seemed to get the gear they wanted and for the most part, most of the achievements with it. This week, we’ll be going back into the same fashion as we did before and be working on achievements and of course, mogs. 

Dragon Soul is 10 man only this week and we won’t be doing it heroic until NEXT week so we can get the Holding Hands achievement. 

Skype is not a requirement, but we will have a skype group going in case people want company. 

Loot information: 

1. There is nothing on reserve for this raid. Gem Clusters for rogues are not reserved. So if you have a rogue and you want your legendaries, now is a good chance to go for it! (The only other rogue we have in raid already has them.)

2. Rolling for loot – If your class can wear it (mog it) then you can hit need. If you’re a plate wearer who just wants a pretty dress, hope that no one else from a clothie group can wear it. 


It’s also that time again where we push through to Firelands again! 😀 This week I’m going to have to ask for people to be patient and cooperative. We have someone working on their Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest, and they need things from the bosses that require actually doing mechanics. 

Loot rules:

1. The Eternal Embers are NOT on reserve, so if you’re starting your legendary and need them, they’re open.

2. Cinders are NOT on reserve yet. 

3. Same loot information above in regards to rolls are still present here. 

Dragon Soul begins at 9:45 EST and Firelands is directly after it with only a 10 minute break between to pull people into raid.

I would like to make DS a 10 man and Firelands a 25 if we have enough people.

So, with that being said. here is the sign up sheet! If interested, please drop me a message here or leave me a FAN MAIL in my inbox. Asks get eaten a LOT by tumblr for some shitty reason and I may miss it. 

Dragon Soul: