*Stares over himself in complete horror and disbelief. This time they’ve gone too far!*

I- I don’t know! They gave me all these nice clothes. How am I supposed to wear them like this?! It’s not faaaaair!

Lor’themar, calm down! Panicking isn’t going to help the situation! 

And you can worry about the clothes later! We need to figure out how to reverse this!

How can I be calm at a time like this?! What am I anyway?! A gargoyle? This is ludicrous! Is- Is at least my face all right-

*he wriggles his way out of the wardrobe, stumbling onto his talons. Well, least his face was somewhat fine and dandy*

You’re right. You’re right… Just like you being turned into a toddler and my hair going green, perhaps it will go away in time. 

Have you tried just going back in to the wardrobe?