Or okay no it’s not but IT’S ALMOST THAT TIME AGAIN.

I know I just did one of these but I like drawing stuff for other people. I’ve been gaining a lot of followers lately (??? ??), sometimes a couple in a day, which is really incredible and awesome. Having just passed 220, instead of a date deadline, I’m going to close this whenever I hit 300 followers, so likely in a few weeks. As typical, I’ll use a random number generator to pick the winner from the notes.

Rules and such:

  • Likes and reblogs both count! You can reblog as many times as you want, but be reasonable.
  • Giveaway accounts will be ignored.
  • I’m fine with nudity, gore, and other mature subjects but I reserve the right to decline any request I find particularly creepy or offensive.
  • 99% of my activity is in the WoW fandom but I actually do enjoy other things (!!) and am down for drawing pretty much anything, I just can’t provide many good recent examples.
  • You can use my art for whatever you want once you have it, all I ask is credit!
  • I will be going out of town July 9-16, so if it ends before or during that time, there may be a slight wait as my computer access is limited.

So yes. Go forth. <3