Remind me again how Garrosh is the ONLY “diabolical and evil" factional leader within the horde?  

Koltira did everything he was ordered to, captured Andorhal for the Horde, still killed many alliance in the process, but let let Thassarian get away. 

Now, I don’t claim to know every order that was sent to him in regards to Andorhal, but from this cutscene I never got the feeling that Thassarian was ever specified as a target.  And yet Sylvanas still feels the need to essentially imprison and torture Koltira because of whatever loyalties he still has to Thassarian from the events that transpired at Light’s Hope.

Yeah.  Definatley only Garrosh we have to be scared of.

And this is just one example of stupid, pointlessly evil things she’s done out of the dozens in just one expansion. 

… Remind me again why Garrosh was written to be the most evil and disgusting character in the canon at this point in time?

Can we at least talk about why the Argent Crusade hasn’t been called in from Northrend to deal with this new undead threat?

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