OKAY LOVELIES, I have an inquiry for anyone on WRA Horde-side.

As of this week, my raid group is looking to fill 2 roles! We are not hardcore progression by any extent, we’re mostly in this to see the bosses on non-LFR and have fun! 

So here’s the deal:

We are currently 6/12 normal 10 man ToT, and raid on Saturday and Sunday, @ 7 to 10 p.m. server time. 

The two spots we’re looking to fill are a DPS and a Healer of 500+ ilevel preferred. [The ilevel thing is mostly because we’ve spent time in the past *gearing* people who flake out on us/drop raid/etc, sorry.]

For DPS, we’d like either a windwalker monk, shaman [enhancement or elemental], or a rogue but we’re trying to be flexible! 

For a healer, we’d love love love a resto shaman or mistweaver monk, as our remaining healers are disc priest and resto druid and we’d rather not stack. 

So there it is, there’s my lame pitch.

Be warned we are a pretty not-serious group with a lot of puns and bad jokes and I do awful DPS and die a lot while never saying a word in Mumble so you’d get to see me die a lot and laugh and laugh at me. 

IF INTERESTED please whisper ‘Selynth’ in game or send me an ask or something.