some time ago, Toxicure and I made up a headcanon about Lor’Themar. 

I don’t remember what exactly it was, but it went something like this…

In Vanilla Lor’Themar was just like “Whatever, if C’thun brings his assless eye up here, I’ll bitchslap him.”

Then in Burning Crusade Lor’Themar was all “lets do this shit!” but Kael’thas waggled his finger and told him he needed to do the ruling stuff. And then Kael went batshit and Liadrin huffed and puffed until Lor’Themar took care of the kiddies back home.

Wrath comes about, and Lor’Themar has a grand old time smashing the Scourge into the ground because Jaina insists on trying to redeem Arthas. When a group of adventurers manages to kill the Lich King, Lor’Themar punches the ground in frustration that he couldn’t do it, and the reverberation of the impact wakens Deathwing.

But is he allowed to go after old Neltharion? No, of course not. Thrall’s all “see ya later bitches, Garrosh rules now” and Garrosh doesn’t give a fuck about non-orcs so Lor’Themar flips his fabulous ponytail and lets a fuckton of people go break themselves on Deathwing.

And just as he’s about to step in, a lucky band of adventurers kill Deathwing and saves the world.

But now… with the Sha and the Pandas and all this new shit…

Lor’Themar’s like “hold my eyepatch. Imma kill this bitch. And Garrosh.”