OMG the new faction story has goblins. And goblin lore. The Cartel Wars??? OMFG. OMG.

I. loved. it. Easily my favourite Blizz story since ItSotS.

It was great, wasn’t it?!  Nice that there’s a writer who’s really into goblins, giving them the kind of development that Cameron Dayton did for gnomes.

dusty, it actually made me kind of


Gallywix. Since, of course, the author’s depiction of him really makes a lot of sense, and shows him as a bad man, but not a stupid one.


Also, how wonderful were Ziya and Druz? I totally agree, I absolutely love the depth and complexity of their emotions, especially in what’s usually a “gag” race—like gnomes, as you said.

Lorewalker Shuchun for Warchief