Actually, the more I think about it, the more confused I get.

They put Anduin’s NPC in The Shrine of Seven Stars

Where there are portals. One back to Stormwind.

Back in Stormwind, Varian is still yelling about HAVE U SEEN MY SON

Why would Anduin go to the Shrine of the Seven Stars if he didn’t want someone to force him back to Stormwind, which SOMEONE WOULD because they’re p. much all under orders FROM THE KING

From what the guards say in the Tavern, they’re in a bit of a conflict when Varian says one thing and Anduin says another. It’s just another reason I think Anduin is a little shit.

Just to confuse things more: Varian could just have a mage conjure a portal to Stormwind in Lion’s Landing, and Heroic throw Anduin through that.