Stage One: The True Horde

Garrosh, wielding his new weapon with his True Horde and siege machines at his disposal will destroy any intruders. The True Horde join the battle more frequently as the fight progresses. This phase will continue until Garrosh reaches 30% health remaining.

Intermission: Realm of Y’shaarj

Periodically the call of Y’shaarj will transport Garrosh and the players into the Realm of Y’shaarj for 1 min. Garrosh will Absorb Energy from the Heart of Y’shaarj until players have defeated all Minions of Y’shaarj inside the realm and interrupt Garrosh.

Stage Two: Corruption of Y’shaarj

After absorbing the Power of Y’shaarj, Garrosh will heal to full health as Y’shaarj bestows Garrosh with new abilities.

Stage Three: MY WORLD

At 30% health Garrosh will absorb the remaining power of Y’shaarj, gaining full energy, empowering all of his abilities.

Hey look the players fuck shit up again