Say you have two realms: Jaina and Arthas. 

Jaina and Arthas get merged into a single Virtual Realm:

  • All the players on Jaina can join guilds on Arthas. (and vice versa)
  • All the players on Arthas can see Auction House items posted on Jaina.

The two realms act as if they’re a single realm, but  players on Arthas still connect to the realm Arthas, and players on the realm Jaina still connect to Jaina.

So essentially it’s a merge without having to call it a merge.

Also you don’t have to deal with issues like “Which one of these rogues gets the name xxBackStabzxx.

you can call it shipping a realm with another realm

I was going to slip in:


That’s why I chose Jaina and Arthas