How Meredith and Tessa met.

Honest! That was pretty much how it happened. Tessa kind of just started to harass Meredith because WOW AN UNDEAD IN A NEUTRAL CITY MUST GET SCIENTIFIC FACTS!! and Meredith was kind of uncomfortable.

And then they got drunk and headed to the docks and then they had a discussion about shoes and feet and if hooves are superior to feet or not, and then Meredith’s shoe fell to the ocean (they were in Booty Bay) and then Meredith fell into the ocean and once you’ve fallen into the sea and gotten helped out by your equally socially awkward new acquaintance there is no other choice but to try being friends.

They weren’t super-good friends in the beginning. They mostly tolerated each other, being drawn together by the fact that neither of them really had any friends before and I guess they were kind of surprised to find someone who understood being friend-less and as a result they were comfortable with each other and didn’t feel too judged, despite being different factions and people who should not be friends at all. Anyway, they weren’t really that good friends initially, Meredith served as a gnoll bait more than once and I don’t think they would’ve minded if they’d been forced to not be friends or something, and they were much more prone to violently lashing out at each other and stuff… but then they just… got used to each other and instead of just tolerating each other they started to actually enjoy the other’s company.

At no point did they decide to be friends, it kind of happened.

And, to be honest, at no point did we, the players, decide them to be friends, it just kind of happened : / I’m still baffled by it personally.