some people call their undead characters “deaders” and I’m fairly sure all of my undead would find that extremely insulting.

Amarah views being called a “deader” is better than being called a “rotter”. After Wrathgate, the name-calling from Kor’kron overseers has made her more bitter.

But yeah, I can understand why some undead characters wouldn’t like it.

Whenever I used it in rp it was supposed to be an insult, but no one ever seemed to take it that way. They thought i was being endearing or something but, no, my living character is expressing their disgust over your existence.

Reg hates other undead almost as much as he sometimes loathes his own existence.

And even he wouldn’t call anyone that.

Sin finds it highly offensive. Chances are if you call him a deader he’s going to have a prissy fit and stomp off.

…Not literally, but he probably would end the conversation fairly quickly or say something about it.

Tev would definately be like “oh good, someone finally remembered that I’m undead”