kiango begins to like Wrathion. Turns out Wrathion is the next expansion’s end boss.


kiango has to kill Garrosh and Wrathion. And Thrall. And Jaina.

Especially Garrosh, Thrall, and Jaina.

[11:44:22 PM] Whinecraft: also hes mine back off

[11:44:43 PM] Whinecraft: all the characters you love get terrible plots in lore

[11:44:49 PM] Whinecraft: don’t do this to me

[11:45:40 PM] Zoe Groark: im sorry im SORRY

[11:45:44 PM] Zoe Groark: IT IS UNINTENTIONAL

[11:45:54 PM] Whinecraft: squints

Also it turns out Malkorok is Sabellian