thought I’d do more since these are pretty fun. – u –

Suulo is an accomplished shaman, but she’s spent so much time training in the wilds out in the elements that she kinda forgot how to people. She wasn’t very sociable in the first place, but now she’s kinda… abrasive isn’t the right word, because she isn’t loud or obnoxious. But she’s very blunt, and very straight-forward, especially in calling out dishonesty or hypocrisy.

Stoic. Unintentional deadpan snark. Cool under pressure, brave. Good but not necessarily nice. She’s sortof feral sometimes, having lived in the wilds for a long time, and forgets that she isn’t now that she’s back in society. Which is kindof awkward when she just kills and eats something with her bare hands, then just continues talking to people without washing the blood off her face or hands.

She’s not stupid, but she might not necessarily understand when someone is making fun of her, because she tends to take things very literally. Sarcasm doesn’t work on her, because she doesn’t get it. Subtle social nuances in general, she doesn’t get, because since she is so straight-forward, she kindof assumes everyone else is too until proven otherwise.

That being said, she doesn’t deal with dishonesty or sleaze very well. The wilds have taught her that the way to solve the problem is to get rid of the problem, so she might jump to bodily harm being the best option.

She has feelings, she just doesn’t understand how they work or why they’re happening, having detached herself from more complicated ones for so long. When something bothers her she doesn’t realize what it is immediately, she just ends up getting really irritable because of it.

she tends to imprint on people she likes, though, and will follow them around like a baby duck whether it is appropriate or not.