Yousha and Vekusen by =Ramavatarama

This was a commission I asked for a long time ago. It’s of my Belf Mage, Yousha, and Jess’ Belf Death Knight, Vekusen.

I’m so pleased with how this turned out (and it wasn’t that expensive!) The colour is beautiful, and i love Yousha’s expression. There’s a strong bond between these characters, and they’ll always be my favourite. ;u;

You guys should check out Ramavatarama’s work, he’s incredibly talented!

i’m actually going to cry out of how happy this has made me and what a surprise it was ;A ; i’ve had a really awful past two days where i’ve just been feeling really down and this is the first thing that’s managed to put a smile on my face and has really cheered me up, it’s so gorgeous and the characters are caught perfectly ;A ; 
So thank you very very much to both Ramavatarama and Emily for the lovely picture!! ;u ; <33