Two things that inspired me to draw this lovely drawing and second this piece of writing. 

This part: What it did, was made it so instead of the “I’m going to turn out like my Father,” mindset Garrosh was stuck in, it altered it into “I HAVE to turn out like my Father.” Suddenly, being Grom was something to HOPE for, to WORK TOWARDS. Instead of his destiny being something that he just let happen, it was, abruptly, something that he had to STRIVE for, to just hope of being half the hero that his father was.” Was a beautiful sentiment that brought a tear to my eye! I couldn’t help but draw this inspired by both the drawing and the writing..! It’s exactly how I see Garrosh.

Love this art and love the thought and musings about the character behind it. I think Garrosh makes a really interesting and deep “villain”, especially when you look beyond his batshit, war-mongering ways. They aren’t without foundation. He has a huge expectation forced upon his shoulders that makes me sympathize for him more than hate him.