rant incoming.

After doing the new Escalation quests. I noticed Thrall appears to help Vol’jin. Why. Why aren’t you there helping Garrosh Thrall? WHY ARE YOU BACKSTABBING HELLSCREAM INSTEAD OF HELPING HIM LIKE YOU DID BEFORE? Thall you dick.

My orc is FURIOUS with Thrall for only thinking about himself in the face of what’s going on

she’s on the rebel side but she heard his little speech about how horde spilling horde blood was “tearing him apart” and she had to literally bite her tongue to stop herself from yelling at him about how dare he make this about him and his feelings when everybody else is telling him he’s needed on the battlefield

as far as she’s concerned Hellscream can take him, she doesn’t want him :p

Come to think of it, has Thrall even talked to Garrosh since the Shattering? Or even since the fall of Deathwing?