Gehrin, my level 90 Retribution Paladin from Area 52.

I’ve always loved the Judgement set, and as soon as the transmog feature was announced, I knew it was time to finally do some collecting.

Ragnaros has been holding out on my leggings, and I’ve yet to have any luck with the helm. I decided to do a little creative tinkering until I get the full set, and this is what my Blood Elf managed to sparkle out of that process.

Helm: Crown of Empowered Fate
Shoulders: Judgement Spaulders
Chest: Judgement Breastplate
Wrists: Judgement Bindings
Gloves: Judgement Gauntlets
Belt: Judgement Belt
Leggings: Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Scaled Legguards
Boots: Judgement Sabatons
Cloak: Recovered Scarlet Onslaught Cape
Weapon: Keen Obsidian Edged Blade
Tabard: Tabard of the Achiever

The leggings are just slightly off-color from the rest of the set, but I think they’ll do nicely until I can finally sport my full-on plate dress. 😉