i found kiango’s guild

oh my god, it’s the world of warcraft equivalent of the Nazis…

Garrosh is a massive dickhead, okay? I play Horde and still don’t like him. I miss Thrall.

Varian Wrynn isn’t much better either, he’s an arrogant shit, lol.

paging doctor kiango

i don’t want to do this right now

  • it’s ok if you don’t like garrosh
  • just make sure you’re not liking him for the right reasons
  • if “he killed cairne” is on your list of reasons, stop.
  • If you play horde and are patriotic in that statement then Theramore is not a good reason either
  • If “he called sylvanas a bitch” comes up in any argument, shut up


  • if “his character is an ass and I don’t like the way he speaks to me or his peers” if your reason, congratulations, that is OK and perfectly logical
  • if “he is easily manipulated and influenced by those around him and I detest that trait in characters,” then great, good for you.
  • If “He does not think of the Horde as a whole, and only thinks of it as an Orcish Horde rather than a ragtag team of outcasts that joined together, and that is absolutely a dealbreaker for me” then that is not wrong to feel that way. I just personally see it from a different perspective, given his childhood in Nagrand and his lack of experience in the political and diplomatic arena prior to taking on the title of warchief, and because of those factors I don’t see his opinions as illogical. I could go on about what little experience he had on Azeroth was in Northrend, fighting with, you guessed it, mostly orc and Tauren warriors. He didn’t recieve much help from other races for various, valid reasons, but it helps explain why Garrosh thinks of these peoples as weaker than orcs might be. It is not excusing his behavior, but finding it intruiging, no matter how misguided it is.

there’s a difference between hating Garrosh’s character and hating Garrosh AS a character. 

As for the Nazi’s reference


with the drop of 5.3 I’m not sure I can exactly refute that anymore and it’s very upsetting


I mean I don’t want to compare Garrosh to Hitler, but Orgrimmar is quickly becoming an almost fascist state with a booming economy because of its military focus, and that power is being used to suppress and purge a group of people based on their race and perceived ideas about that race being unpatriotic, all under the guise of nationalism.

The only thing i can do is just shrug and say “maybe it’s mal’korok idk” 

I don’t see “has a stupid potato head” in that post AT ALL