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vara im going 2 make a ticket for u and ask blizzard why she doesnt wear pants

ok were gonna do it were gonna figure this out


i hate to be the party…

its funny bc its a gms job to answer questions

You are right, it is a GM’s job to answer questions.

sorry i have a question that i want answered and that im expecting a person who’s designated job is to answer

But not all GMs are going to give the same response. It is a waste of their time to ask stupid questions like this when you could be asking a more meaningful lore question. You could argue with me that it breaks up their job to respond to silly stuff like this, but it doesn’t change the fact that you are still asking stupid things that aren’t going to be significant when you get the answer. I highly doubt any of us are going to moved by the reasoning as to why the Dragon Mother wears what she wears.

also i was the person who asked about dk boners xoxoxo

What another huge waste of time in GM support. At the heart of your question, I don’t think anyone gives a fuck what you are putting an e-dick into. Dead, living, warm, cold, plagued, not, ect. Whatever someone is doing in their own time is what they are doing, we really don’t need a GM to justify ours/others erp doings.

im alaunhing so hard omg

This person is rly srs about dragon pants.