Sin’dorei dress is unique to Quel’thalas and will vary from region to region. The men and women of the Ghostlands wear tall leather boots and stiff cloth jerkins. The land’s rugged and often hostile woods do not allow for the flowery pomp found north of the border. All men and women carry a long dagger at their side and it is rumored the worlds best hunter and rangers hail from the Ghostlands. Often braided, the women there wear their hair down over their shoulders. Men keep it long and flowing. Due to the high mountains near the Amani pass, villages will be isolated for generations. It’s not uncommon for each village to differ in dress and it’s even more common for all the citizens there to have the same color in hair. Fair in skin but dark in heart, the Ghostlanders are a quiet and somber people. They often avoid speaking unless spoken to. Their fashion will reflect it. While they have some finery, dress is purely designed for functionality. In the manors and manses in the Ghostlands, Lords and Ladies will prefer more rustic looks. Many of the nobility have apartments in Silvermoon, but escape to the countryside when the city becomes too hot, in temperature or politically. -Lady Ashiel Saveren