To In the North where the sun always graces the land, the men and women will wear more billowy attire.  Men’s shirts will be loose and light.  Those of noble houses will wear pins to signify their origin or broaches with their sigil. Gold is mined in the western mountains and can be found glittering in streams.  Men will often wear light mail armor over their clothes, less as a need for protection but more as a symbol of status. They mimic the legends of noble warriors braving the wilds of Quel’thalas.  Many large estates can be found all across Eversong and their extravagant parties are legendary in their own right.  Those with money will travel by carriage pulled by the multi-color Hawkstriders.  Women’s dresses are low in the chest and back.  It is not uncommon for women to wear wraps of silk and little else.  The pride of a blood elf is both their greatest and weakest points of character, and it is said that there isn’t an ugly maid in all of Quel’thalas.  Women often show their midriff where their navels are adorned with bright crimson rubies and its common for women of Eversong to wear multiple precious gems in their ears.  The mutation of their eyes is flaunted, and those with the brighter emeralds are supposed to have even more beauty.  Women’s hair is kept long and straight, or those blessed with curls are particularly sought after. Men prefer to keep their hair close and cropped.  -Lady Ashiel Saveren