So, today I decided to write up a thing for a prompt set up in a thread on the WRA forums.The prompt was, as the title of the entry is, ‘death becomes you’, which was Borgg basically asking us as writers/RPers, to write something for our character facing an enemy, and killing them. Mostly a chance for us to ‘show off’ what our character’s made of in a way that one hardly gets a chance to in RP.

I wrote mine for Selynth, and while I’m honestly shaky as ever as far as my own ability to write these days, I decided I’d share it with you guys here too. I wanted to kind of explore where Selynth’s mind is recently, and well…ugh. Guys I really love Forsaken a lot ok. A lot. SIGHS LOUDLY.

Anyway here’s my writing crap ok bye.

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