Beattrix Lerathian

Aka the “Hotter than You” DK.

You have NO idea.

So here we go… *ahem*

/steps up on soapbox.

I was getting a lot of grief yesterday because Beattrix is “pretty” and not just the usual load of crap, but well it’s all on her character blog. 

Apparently having her MRP filled out with only pictures makes her a bad character and me a bad writer/roleplayer. LOL! 

I was getting anon hate with things like “I hope u know deathknights are walking corpses so its funny that she’s a pretty princess lol” — but hey you know, elves aren’t allowed to be pretty, nope, not allowed. Because… they aren’t one of the prettiest races in the game/universe or anything, you know? Heaven forbid an elf be pretty. Oh wait — an elf death knight, how dare she be pretty. How dare she.

How dare I have a character that isn’t super original? I mean, I have a lot of nerve there. 

The entire incident from yesterday has really opened my eyes.

  1. Something I’ve known for a while anyway, but generally kept on the down-low since I don’t really like to bring a lot of attention to myself BUT — People are two things. Dumb. Assholes. 
  2. The environment that World of Warcraft roleplayers put themselves in consist of a never ending cycle of drama. No matter how much you try to avoid it — it catches up to you eventually.
  3. One gets criticized for being original. Being original and creative is generally noted as being labeled as a “Sue” — even when that creativity doesn’t show any “Sue”-ish characteristics at all.
  4. One gets criticized for not being creative and original with the tag of “It’s been done before” and “It’s overdone and unoriginal” and then the character is labeled as 2-dimensional and boring.
  5. There’s a fine line between “creative” and “cookie-cutter” that no individual can easily walk upon; because either side of the line is going to push and pull one back and forth in that never ending cycle of bullshit drama.
  6. It doesn’t matter to the vast majority of others that someone spends their time doing what they have fun doing — because everyone has an opinion, and they’re going to share their opinion whether you like it or not. People don’t know how to mind their own damn business.
  7. Going back to people are assholes; the insults and shit flinging is the easy part. Judging someone’s character and making snide and unwanted remarks is easy. Because being an asshole is easy. Hurting someone is easy. But not once did the individual who decided that my profile deserved such a harsh critique, ever once offer a method on how to improve. Because trust me, if that had been put in there as well, the entire argument wouldn’t have escalated like it did. I’m an artist, I’ve been handling criticism for 20+ years. Which is why I’m able to sit here and easily go over the events from yesterday with a level head — a few folks thought I was mad over this. No, not mad. Mildly annoyed at the general stupidity of others because they can form in a line behind an internet bully, but not mad. And saying things in part to defend my character and my methods of filling out profiles for my characters was seen as “the need to justify my bad” — umm no? More so I have a right to defend myself and stand up for myself when someone feels they have the right to insult and attack me; whether it be physical or in this case, verbal. That doesn’t make me mad, that makes me human. Come on people.
  8. After the events from yesterday, I’ve come to learn exactly why there’s a large majority of people who do not even bother trying to fill out their MRP/TRP2/FlagRSP profiles anymore. Why put the effort into writing something or drawing something when some elitist know-it-all will come along and try to tear down all your hard work? Even before yesterday, I remember quite a few individuals mentioning this person’s blog and saying that they hoped and prayed that their profiles are never posted, at least two individuals even said they took their profiles off of their characters completely with the exception of names and very basic information, and the meat and potatoes of those profiles are stored on websites elsewhere so the information is at least not lost, but it can’t be posted up for unwanted critiques.

The RP community on WoW is small already, I know that sounds a little absurd because there are a lot of us out there, but compared to the other server types the RP servers are the severe minority. That being said, the RP community is also very harsh and thrives on the equivalent of high school drama — which is sad, in my opinion. Because instead of whispering behind each other’s backs and pointing fingers and passing judgement on other people’s characters (like I’m sure the majority of us are guilty of and we just don’t want to admit it because then it makes us look bad) we should, as a community, be more supportive of each other and help each other out. That’s supposed to be what makes us part of a community in the first place >_>a but it seems most people are generally only interested in themselves and won’t lift a finger to help their fellow RPer out unless they can somehow benefit from it or get recognition… which is also, really sad.

Over all; the reason I decided to draw Beattrix next on my long list of characters was because of what happened yesterday. Yes, she’s pretty. Yes, she’s a death knight. But that’s only the face value of the character and I am not obligated to have every detail of her physical appearance or personality on display if I don’t want it there. If one only judges a character by what is in their profile — then what does that say for the people who actively RP and don’t use RP addons? What does that say about the folks who choose not to fill out their profiles but are still active in the RP community? You know what I think it says? Nothing. A profile is not a way to judge a character or a writer’s ability to bring that character to life. 

And I think that is important to any writer, roleplayer, and artist out there.

If someone cannot offer constructive criticism in a manner that helps you improve — or gives you unwanted and unnecessary criticism — it does not make you a bad writer, roleplayer, or artist. 

/steps down from soapbox. 

I don’t understand… How can this character get nothing but venom and hatred, but Sylvanas is still idolized to hell and back? Oh I get it. If blizzard does it, it’s fine!

Beattrix is beautiful and bugger to the screamers and venomspewers! You rp what and how you like, BB! <3

Having actually RP’ed with Beattrix, that whole thread yesterday was pretty dumb.