Drinkin’ sparkling cider (non-alcoholic of course) before work.

Because I’m just classy like that.

#i read this ic #god damnit you guys

I read all your posts IC.

It makes it 900% better

Tumblr does it so much, that I’ve started taking things I say OUT LOUD on the OUTERNET IC.

And it kind of makes my life a billion times more fun.

Especially when I get pissed off and go “FUCKSHITDAMNIT”

New Headcanon:

Whenever he stubs his toes, Anduin shouts “FUCKSHITDAMNIT”. And when people look at him and ask where the prince learned it, his first instinct is to blame Jaina for that particular one.

I would think he’d blame his father, but the mental image of Jaina screaming FUCKSHITDAMNIT is too beautiful.

“FUCKSHITDAMNIT” Jaina yells, as a spell misses and a bookshelf catches aflame.

Arthas just stand there, staring at Jaina with a mixture of shock and fear, oblivious to the conflagration behind him.