Looking to get some money for gaming stuff this summer so gon extend my commissions to tumblr.

!!! SPECIAL!!! – Looking to get Dawnguard for Skyrim sooo… idk I’ll do whatever for the 20 bucks that it costs? So pick anything idk. Only one slot for this tho. – !!! OMG !!!

Also I do accept WoW gold for stuff too??? 5k at lowest just talk to me.

Anyway here’s normal prices:

Painting W/O Lines – 50.00
Painting With Lines/Clean Color – 40.00
sorry for the ref here its kinda messy color but its the only one I have that isn’t porn/furries
Black and White Painting With Lines – 35.00
Quick and Sketchy – 15.00
Sketch Page/Simple Lineart – 10.00

If you want more examples just check out this blog or my FA for things (both NSFW though) 
Also contact me via Tumblr or email at And we’ll talk and shit. Yep.