One of the best fanarts I’ve ever seen in my whole life. Remember when Velma and Johnny kinda hooked up in the old Cartoon Network commercials? Well. This.

they are perfect

It surprised everyone when it happened. 

The genius girl who could figure out a mystery in five seconds flat and . .  well … Johnny. But perhaps that is why they worked together so well with their relationship. Johnny made Velma feel important, that her brain was a good thing and not something to get annoyed with. She didn’t have to prove how smart she was to him, didn’t have to do anything over the top. And Johnny was perfect for Velma as he was the sturdy rock she needed in her life. He didn’t compete against her to prove who was smarter or better, he knew she was smart and he loved that.

Perhaps that is why when the shock wore off, the Mystery Gang found himself happy for their friend, happy to spend time with the couple as groups, to include Johnny. Perhaps it is why Mama Bravo was so happy to meet her, to see the smile on her only sons face as he held Velma’s tiny hand in his large fingers. 

Perhaps that is why everyone was accepting when they moved in together, when they started planning more then just courtship. It felt right, it felt natural. 

It felt like exactly what love was suppose to.