Your Wow character’s favorite sitting area:


Lymree loves to eat under the tree and watch the rays of sun peek through the leaves. (Feralas)

Melzar: Used to be the upper part of Violet Citadel so he can watch the fly-bys over the city of Dalaran. 

After Jaina kicked the horde out, he had to settle for sitting outside of Fairbreeze Village. Sometimes you’ll find him on the highest bridge near Tian Monastery.

what your character’s favorite sitting area?

Tev liked to sit on one of the upper ledges of Icecrown Citadel (about where the fight with Sarufang takes place in the instance) and enjoyed the harsh wind blowing in from the north. Now, he’s not sure if that was actually him enjoying it, or if it was Arthas. He snuck up to one of the lower ledges couple of times during the siege on the citadel and that was what passes for pleasurable for a death knight.

Barkentin likes sitting in the tree in the shrine of the seven stars and watching people go by. It’s in the middle of everything and not many people notice him up there, and he kind of likes it that way.

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