Hahah I don’t even know where this came from

Tempest Keep. I had walked these halls many times before, but this time was different. I finally entered the inner sanctum of Prince Kael’thas Sunstrider. Adorned with the most magnificent and exotic trinkets and treasure in all of Outlands, yet the young Prince of Elves was nowhere to be found inside. Disappointed, I turned to leave when there stood Kael’thas in the doorway, wearing nothing but an Elekk-skin smoking jacket.

“Cocks. Semen. My people are addicted to them. Their dependence made manifest after the Sunwell was destroyed. Welcome to the future…a pity you’re too late to stop it. No one can stop me now. Selama ashal’anore.” he yelled as he disrobed. My mouth stood agape at his physique, like a work of art. His elven cock glistened with pre-ejaculate as the overhead lights hit it. Naturally, I couldn’t help but stare. “As you can see, I have many weapons in my arsenal.” he smirked as he made his way toward me, his cock swaying like a pendelum with every step.

As he finally reached me, he grappled and threw me against the wall, kissing me all across my body. I hadn’t noticed my feet were off the ground until the prince whispered “Having trouble staying grounded?” into my ear, then nibbling on the lobe. Suddenly, he spun me around and entered my anus in one smooth motion, like some sort of trained professional. “Let us see how you fare when your world is turned upside down.” he sarcastically said as he began to pump. I nearly passed out from his seemingly endless anal assault, but he continued to taunt me. “By the power of the sun!” he yelled as he continued to thrust over and over until he finally came inside me.

Completely spent, I attempted to make my leave when 4 extremely attractive Blood Elves blocked my way. “Perhaps I underestimated you. It would be unfair to make you fuck all four Advisors at once, but…fair treatment was never shown to my people. I’m just returning the favor.” he told me with an evil grin on his face.

Grand Astromancer Capernian, who’s vagina smelt of burnt cheese, but was as tender as a warm talbuk streak.

Master Engineer Telonicus, who’s crafted dildos, vibrators and sybians were known all throughout Azeroth.

Thaladred the Darkener, a rare black blood elf who put the funk in fuck.

Lord Sanguinar, a paladin who fucked with a furvor that only a captured Naaru could provide.

I had defeated them all and they now lay in a naked damp pile, unconsious from the pure pleasure inflicted. As I looked upon my work satisfied, Kael approached me from behind. “I have not come this far to be stopped! The future I have planned will not be jeopardized! Now, you will taste true power!” he screamed as he thrust my mouth onto his cock, nearly choking me with his girth. After eating nothing but mana biscuits for weeks, this was certainly a refreshing change of pace as I sucked harder than ever before. His eyes rolled back in his head, and his body crumpled into a heap on the floor as I released my death grip.

“For…Quel…thalas….” he whispered as he drifted off into the unknown afterlife.

“Chorizo, are you there?” Eldercain said over vent as I woke up. Semen covered my monitor and keyboard. “Yeah I’m here” I disappointingly grumbled, trying to accquire my bearings. “Release and run back” he barked as I realize we had wiped to Void Reaver trash. If only he knew what kind of release I just had.

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