Kael’s Daily Sin’dorei Society Lecture – Icecrown and Northrend


(Suggested by an amazing anon – I want to know who and where you were in my version of Azeroth.)

During the Northrend Campaign, most Sin’dorei were thrilled to have a chance to take revenge on the Lich King for the destruction of our city and the tainting of our power source. Though I wasn’t there, I have gathered a good deal of information from others regarding it.

Though they were eager, most elves, upon arriving in Northrend, found themselves almost crippled by painful flashbacks, hearing and hallucinating the dying screams of friends and loved ones lost in the Scourge invasion of Quel’thalas. The closer they got to the Frozen Throne and the monster who resided there, the worse these visions got. It took several days, and sometimes longer, for any given elf to become even remotely functional every time they crept closer.

Despite this embarrassment, not a single member of the Horde picked on them for it. As a matter of fact, even Garrosh Hellscream and other strong warriors would occasionally stop and ask their Sin’dorei comrades if they needed a rest. This kindness, in such a cruel, cold landscape, was very, very much appreciated.

Funny, Tev is the opposite, he was more than happy to return to Icecrown during the Northrend campaign; it was like going home. He avoids Silvermoon like the plague, (pun not intended) as the last clear memory he has before finding himself at Light’s Hope, is falling while fighting the Scourge in the defense of the Sunwell. It’s the antithesis of the power he feels in combat as a Death Knight, and he likes that power.

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