imagebarkentin replied to your post: Hahah, and the #1 reason I do the dailies is…

I know how that is. I got exalted with August celestials and golden louts and haven’t bought any of their mounts. The Shado-Pan serpent is one I actually still ride, since you have a shadow priest it would actually look pretty cool.

Yeah. I want it for my priest. I’m set to do them, I just hate doing dailies now after Cata and Wrath where doing all the ones I needed took 4 hours one day and I sort of said “Fuck it” and didn’t come back.

I really lack the motivation to do dailies unless I’m doing them with a friend.

After doing Golden Louts/Klaxxi/Shado-Pan/August Cereals for the first three months of the expansion I decided that was ridiculous, and now I’m limiting myself to one faction of dailies a day.

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