World of Warcraft bust sale

Since I a sudden (well sudden and sudden, I still have 3 months left but I’d rather be through with it asap so I don’t forget) need some some money I’m going to bring this sale back for a while.

What this means?

4.00 usd WoW headshots

(I will be hosting a round of original character busts too, if there is interest, but last time WoW busts where quite a lot more popular)

To get one, send me an e-mail to — if you have questions you can send me an ask too, but the thing is I will only take commissions via e-mail as e-mails are quite a lot more easier to keep track on than fanmail or asks.

You need a picture reference of your character. Screenshots (zoomed to the character’s face), armory urls and previously done artwork is fine. If your character has a set personality you can give me a pointers of that too so I don’t give them out of character facial expression.

Please note gear can be modified or simplified, or even left out. I will also not draw characters with helms that cover the whole face. Also no worgen in wolf form,I don’t draw them, but human form can be discussed about. All other playable races are fine!

Payment via paypal only, and I will only start working after I’ve received the payment. Only one or two slots per person at time (meaning if you want 3, you need to wait until I’ve worked through the previous two before asking for the 3rd one).

Turnaround should be a month at most.

All work will be sfw, though if wanted I can add minor bloodsplatter and such.

Thank you for your interest!
Even if you don’t buy one I do appreciate spreading the word.

This post will be modified or deleted when I’m done or if something comes up, so if you see this as reblogged version, check the original post too.

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