Arthas SpeedPaint Sketch. (30 Minutes, No Refs.)

I know people probably hate it when I comment on my artwork, but I was mulling this over when I was drawing this. Arthas Menethil is my favourite World of Warcraft character (no surprises there), but he’s also really important to me on a more personal level. Arthas represents a time of my life where I was playing a lot of WoW and I was in my senior year of highschool. I was in a relationship where I was basically subjugated by my partner and I wasn’t ever able to chose anything for myself. When I think about that time, I felt basically powerless but I was still happy. Arthas was a point of contention. I admired him. I admired the fact that he made a choice, even if it was the wrong one, it was -his- choice.

When he made that choice, Arthas’s character changed from being happy and powerless to being powerful and unhappy. I guess I really relate to that. In some ways, I think breaking off that relationship and leaving that part of my life was the worst choice I could have possibly made, I also think that if I hadn’t done that, I would have had a psychotic break. 

So here’s to you, Arthas, the most important fictional character to me, personally. Arthas got me through a lot of shit, because I aspired to share at least one characteristic with him; strength in the wake of terror, and allowing myself to make choices and be unhappy about them. 

Of course, my interpretation. Your mileage may vary.