Moose and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary almost a week ago, so I’m posting some gifties I made for her. :3

Sin x V

Chibi Sindre

I love mooshy lovey pics, but they always seem to be of two guys. I want hetero ones occasionally too -_- 

At first… I was really tempted to say something in response that could be considered rather snotty and arrogant, buuuuuut I decided against it. However I will say this; The subject matter of what I decide to draw… is my choice. These doodles are a gift to my girlfriend of our characters, who just both happen to be male. We have homosexual pairings and heterosexual pairings, but she asked me to draw these two. Now, I don’t think I know you, and I’m fairly certain you don’t follow me to see more of my work, which is fine… that’s your choice… but coming down to who you reblogged this from originally, if Varae wants to reblog nothing but homosexual pairings… then that’s his choice. And if you wanna look up art for hetero pairings, then that’s your choice. 

But for these… it was my choice to make it two guys, because it was what was requested of me for the gift. 

I guess I just don’t appreciate the comment now tacked on to a gift piece, when… I don’t know you… and the gift was not for you.



Draw what you want.