i think garrosh might still be warchief for the next expansion, if only because they would have to make up an excuse for redoing a load of questing zones again. like, stonetalon would have to be completely revamped, as would twilight highlands and silverpine.

(he’s only been my warchief for two expansions and for one of them he was kind of a one-dimensional dick and i’m not ready to say goodbye and i don’t really care for thrall and i think his tiny head is cute and and and)

yeah im really wondering about questing zones because

Garrosh is mentioned in nearly every quest in kalimdor even indirectly ffs 

Lok’Tar Ogar! Victory or death! (Victory by blizzards laziness is alright too.)

Though I wouldn’t put it past them to hack job it and just pretend the quests are back in time. 

Too late. 

The quests have already been “Back in time” since 5.0.

Yeah it’s weird like that.

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